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Similar audio files

Finding audio files that sound similar is a pretty useful task, especially when the audio files are encoded in different formats or at different bit rates. In this post we're going to implement such program which will try to find similar audio files by comparing their waveforms . # Algorithm The algorithm used in comparing two waveforms is pretty simple. In fact, the entire program is simple since the audio problem has been translated into a graphics problem. The steps of the algorithm are as follows: convert any audio file to .wav generate the waveform of the WAV file analyze the waveform and create a fingerprint value compare the fingerprints and generate the final report First, an audio file is converted to .wav (using sox ) which is piped with wav2png , generating the waveform of the WAV file to the stdout , which is captured and analyzed by GD , resulting in a specific fingerprint of the audio file. The waveform is processed block by bl