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Expanding a string

The problem: We have a string like this:

... and we need to expand it into:
One-line solution: splitq{ },qx(echo $string);



GD::Simple is a simple interface to the GD library, which is an open source code library used in dynamic creation of images by programmers.
If you like math, this library will bring a lot of fun in your life. :)


YouTube Viewer

# GTK YouTube Viewer This application came to life in 12 September 2010 as my first GTK2/Glade learning project.

Its scope is to search and play YouTube videos in a native player. It comes with various search options; it can search for videos, playlists and/or channels. The videos are streamed directly in a selected video player at the best resolution (customizable) and with closed-captions (if available).

By default, the application supports three video players: MPV (recommended), MPlayer and VLC, but it allows the addition of more players inside the configuration file.

For a better experience, the application also comes with built-in authentication support, using the OAuth 2.0 mechanism. After inserting the authentication token, a new tab will appear, named "My panel", which has the following buttons:
SubscriptionsFavorited videosLiked videosDisliked videosUploadsPlaylistsLog outFor more details (+screenshots), see also:…