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pview is a perl source code viewer. It highlights the code using a pretty good Perl tokenizer. The color scheme can be very easy customized inside the script. Download pview : On the same concept, a new script has been created, called ' scgrep ' which grabs form a Perl script only the elements that the reader wants. (e.g.: regular expressions, operators, numbers, etc...) Download scgrep : Even better, this tools are now available as part of the Perl::Tokenizer CPAN module, which also include another interesting tool, called pl2html  which highlights Perl code in HTML.


RAM and disk usage status. A very simple command line tool which displays a status bar with the used space for each partition. It uses the ` df ` command to get the information needed and automatically adjusts itself to the terminal width. It can, also, be very easily adjusted to your own preferences. Just for fun. :) Download: